How do I testify before a Committee?

  1. Identify yourself to the committee by stating your name and the name of the organization you are representing.
  2. Thank the committee for allowing you to testify; it is always best to be as nice as possible.
  3. Provide a very brief background as to why you are testifying (i.e., what makes you important to the issue).
  4. Get right to the point. Be as brief and succinct as possible. Do not repeat what others have already said before you. Committee members are more likely to listen to your points when they are short.

If you have detailed analysis, provide handouts for committee members. Handouts should be bulleted or short points that are direct to your point and based in research.

You are likely to only have 3-5 minutes. Try to keep as much time as possible for questions from the committee members.

When you are finished, thank the committee for their time and BRIEFLY reiterate your main point as to why you wish passage or failure of the bill.