2021 GA AIDS Drug Assistance Program Funding

Georgia AIDS Coalition

February 23, 2021

Cathalene Teahan




Win for Patients: Georgia AIDS Coalition Leads on ADAP Funding

$15 Million added to the amended FY21 budget for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program

Atlanta, GA: The Georgia AIDS Coalition (GAC) applauds Governor Kemp and the Georgia Legislature for adding $15,442,591 to the amended FY21 budget for the AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP). The overall goal of Ryan White Part B/ AIDS Drug Assistance program is to link and retain HIV clients in care and increase viral suppression. ADAP provides HIV treatment to eligible low-income individuals living with HIV who have little or no coverage from private or third-party insurers.  These added funds prevented a waitlist for HIV treatment. A wait list for HIV treatment would prevent Georgians from accessing their life saving treatment.

Due to COVID-19 causing work and health insurance loss, the program has seen increased enrollment. Individuals who are maintained in effective HIV treatment cannot transmit the virus. The funds will allow the needs of the community to be met including critical services during this pandemic and aid in the efforts of Ending the HIV Epidemic in Georgia.

GAC leadership worked closely with key members of the legislature, Department of Public Health, and the Governor’s office to secure vital funding for ADAP.

The Department of Public Health has asked for $9,853,740 to be added to the FY 2022 budget. GAC continues to work with the public health leadership and the Governor’s office to stabilize the program.

For more information, please contact our Executive Office at 404-299-7700.