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The Georgia AIDS Coalition, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, relies on the financial support of generous friends from across the state. Find out how your contribution can further HIV/AIDS, TB, STI and Hepatitis advocacy in Georgia. Your donation to GAC is tax deductible.
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The Georgia AIDS Coalition is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) Georgia corporation created in 1989 to act as an education resource for the formation and articulation of public policy regarding HIV infection, Hepatitis, Tuberculosis, and sexually transmitted infections.

♦ To ensure ethical decision-making on HIV/AIDS issues

♦ To educate and update the public, agencies and public officials on HIV/AIDS related issues and concerns

♦ To promote collaboration among organizations with a similar focus

♦ To advocate for HIV/AIDS issues among Georgia communities and to Georgia’s policymakers

♦ To help inform individuals with HIV on relevant legislative issues

♦ To identify populations at high risk for contracting TB, STIs and Hepatitis

♦ To support testing for TB, STIs and Hepatitis and assist in linking individuals to care programs

♦ To support prevention programs for TB, STIs and Hepatitis

♦ Executive Director: Demetrius Mazacoufa JD

♦ Program Development and Outreach: Susan Saylor

♦ Policy and Advocacy Associate: Lee Orr

♦ Fiscal Affairs: Angie Connelly CPA

♦ Cathalene Teahan RN, MSN

♦ George Michaels DDS

♦ Patrice Harris MD

♦ Myra Carmen EdD, RN, MN, CPNP

♦ Mike Morris MFA, author

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NATAP Seminar on New Hep C Treatments September 23

The National AIDS Treatment Advocacy Project will host a seminar, "Hepatitis C Cure: New Treatments & Latest Breakthroughs," on Friday, September 23, 2016, at The Loudermilk Center in Atlanta. Certificate of attendance for continuing nursing education credit will be provided. [...]

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