Substance Abuse Prevention

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“Not Prescribed”School-based lesson developed by The Georgia Prevention Project

“Prescription Drugs and Your Pregnancy” – Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS) Webinar
The “Prescription Drugs and Your Pregnancy” has been designed to educate women of childbearing age and expectant mothers and their caretakers about the dangers of prescription drug use and abuse during pregnancy. In this presentation, the viewer will also hear about who to contact for help when needed.

“Prescription Drug Abuse: It’s Not What the Doctor Ordered” has been designed to educate your community on the dangers of prescription drug abuse. In this presentation, you will find steps that you can take to prevent abuse and reduce access to prescription drugs.

“Chasing the Dragon:” Raising Awareness of Opioid Addiction
“This film may be difficult to watch,” explains FBI Director James Comey, “but we hope it educates our students and young adults about the tragic consequences that come with abusing these drugs and that it will cause people to think twice before becoming its next victim.” Video


Georgia Crisis & Access Line – Call 1-800-715-4225 (Help is available 24/7 for problems with mental health, drugs, or alcohol.)

In the News

  • Program a conduit for workers facing challenges February 22, 2018
    She has worked in private practice and has held previous positions as a licensed clinical social worker domestically and overseas. The Surry County native also has worked in the substance abuse education and prevention arena. Claiborne said her work with the EAP is somewhat rooted in the loss of ...
  • Why Over-The-Counter Naloxone Is A Game-Changer For Substance Abuse In Boston February 22, 2018
    The overdose victim is also granted immunity from prosecution for drug possession. This is all in an effort to decriminalize addiction and make it easier for non-addicts to prevent fatal overdoses in Boston. People living in Boston and other cities in Massachusetts can access naloxone without a ...
  • Fresno State is holding a forum on substance use Thursday February 22, 2018
    Hoffman, a self proclaimed person in recovery, is an advocate for making healthy living choices and substance abuse prevention. After the keynote speech there will be a panel on substance use consisting of Hoffman, Flindt Andersen of Parents and Addicts in Need (P.A.I.N.), Fresno County Sheriff ...
  • US Rep.: House budget has funds for opioid addiction crisis February 22, 2018
    Stivers, whose 15th District includes Athens County, told The NEWS that while the budget deal isn't the same thing as a budget appropriation (so, the money isn't available yet), it's one big step toward unlocking federal money to fund opioid addiction “treatment, prevention and law enforcement efforts.”.
  • McLean's Bertha Madras, PhD, Honored by Two National Substance Abuse Prevention Groups February 22, 2018
    For her work on combating substance abuse, Bertha K. Madras, PhD, a psychobiologist at McLean Hospital's Division of Alcohol and Drug Abuse and Division of Basic Neuroscience, has received recognition from two national organizations.