Southeast AIDS Training and Education Center Key Contacts

Key Contacts is a directory to HIV-related services and other resources in Atlanta and Georgia, and also includes information on Internet and hotline resources. Major funding for this resource guide is from HRSA grant #1 H4A HA 00067-03. Key Contacts is updated regularly.


Pandemic Flu

Advanced Directives

Responding to many complaints that Georgia’s Durable Power of Attorney and Living Will forms were too complicated, the 2007 General Assembly rewrote the state’s advanced directives laws.  This new law became became effective as of July 1, 2007.  There is now a simplified approach to end-of-life decisions affecting everyone.

The result of this new law has been put into a form which can be downloaded by going to the web site of the State Bar of Georgia.  Simply connect to that site by clicking here.

Once there, you can print the form and fill it out.  The form contains direct, layperson friendly instructions, so there may not be a need to have an attorney to assist with this exercise.  To be valid, the form needs to signed by the principal, along with two witnesses.  However, neither witness has to be physically present when the principal signs the form; their signature can come later but only if the principal declares that he or she did sign the form previously.  Another change from the previous law is that no Notary Public is required as a witness to the principal executing the form.

In the event someone has executed an advanced directive prior to July 1, 2007, there is no need to re-do a new form.  The new form does not replace pre-existing documents; the new form simply is effective for those who want to execute a new form any time as of July 1, 2007.

Pre-Existing Conditions

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan: This site has the rates and information regarding the high risk insurance  pool for Georgia.